mardi 10 septembre 2013

Genuine Yixing Zhuni : Shui Ping 16 cl

A beautiful exemple showing one of the most classical (and  also most efficient and versatile) shape of Yixing Teapot.
This one is made of genuine zhuni clay ( You can admire the typical structure surface of this rare and famous clay...). It is dense and heavy (163,2 g !). The touch is silky. Patricules of clay are far more smaller  than any other clay. They are incredibly fine. 
The brewing performances are awesome. The tea is sweet, accurate and fragrant... Real zhuni performance are out of reach of any other clay.
I guess it is not very old, maybe 60'S or 70's (because there is a "golf ball" filter). I don't have information... It is a serial made teapot because there is a lot of identical piece. But with this kind of clay, an original piece crafted and signed  would have cost five time more, which would have been unaffordable...

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